Trojan Tech

Session 1: My ClearTouch can do that?!

Learn the basics of using the ClearTouch Panel and learn some tips and tricks along the way.

Session 2: Canva Tips and Tricks

Learn the basics of Canva with a few tricks along the way. This session barely scratches the surface, so watch the video to find out how to receive more advanced content.

Session 3: Flippity

Flippity is an online tool that one can use in conjunction with Google Sheets to create games and other classroom resources.

Session 4: Mystery Pixel Art Part I

Mystery Pixel Art uses Google Sheets to reveal a hidden picture as students answer review questions. In this short session, see an example of mystery pixel art and, if you're interested, email me at to receive your customized template.

Session 5: Mystery Pixel Art Part II

Coming Soon!

Session 6: Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation gives you another way to assess your students. Also, using stop-motion animation provides your students with an interdisciplinary approach to learning, making your teaching more effective.

Session 7: Instructional Tech Tools

Discover tools you can use in your classroom to enhance the student experience.