AP Daily: Practice Sessions HELP

The 2024 AP® Daily: Practice Sessions has launched, in AP Classroom and on YouTube.

This video resource was designed to help students review course content and practice applying what they’ve learned throughout the school year.

To find these videos in AP Classroom, AP students, teachers, and administrators will click on the Course Guide section in the blue navigation bar on the left of their screen. Then, they'll click on the Review tab. Finally, they should select 2024 AP Exam On-Demand Review to see the list of new videos available. Note: Students can also watch review sessions from previous years in AP Classroom.

AP Daily: Practice Sessions are about 15 minutes long each and provide a walk-through of both multiple-choice and free-response questions so students can become familiar with the types of questions they’ll see on exam day. The videos are available for students to view at any time and will remain accessible through the AP Exam administration so they can watch whenever works best for them.

Learn more about how AP Daily: Practice Sessions, as well as other AP Daily videos, can help students prepare for exam day.